Which Celebs Smoke?

Continue reading. Sophie Turner, 1 of 22. Dakota Johnson (#22). Bella Hadid (3/22) Jennifer Lawrence (4/22) Emily Blunt (5/22) Lady Gaga (6/22) Lana Del Rey (7/22) Zayn Malik (8/22).

Similarly, What celebrities currently smoke cigarettes?

Lady Gaga and Zayn Malik are two more celebrities that smoke. Two actresses that smoke are Emily Blunt and Kristen Stewart. While out and about, paparazzi often capture these famous ladies smoking. Another A-list actor who apparently smokes is Leonardo DiCaprio.


The “female celebrities who smoke cigarettes” is a question that has been asked many times. This list will answer the question which female celebrities smoke cigarettes.

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The “pictures of celebrities smoking” is a category that includes pictures of celebrities. The pictures are usually taken at events where they have been caught smoking.

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