What Is Suttons Net Worth?

Sutton Foster is an American actress, singer, and dancer. She is best known for her work on the Broadway stage, where she has won two Tony Awards for Best Leading Actress in a Musical. But what is her net worth?

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Sutton is an American businessman who has a net worth of $3.5 billion. He is the founder of Private equity firm, The Carlyle Group.

Early life

Robert Sutton was born in 1946, in Essex, England. He studied economics at the University of London and later worked as an investment banker. In the early 1970s, he moved to Switzerland and joined the commodities trading firm Philipp Brothers. He later worked for the machine-building company Escher Wyss AG. Sutton made his fortune in commodities trading and investing.


Sutton Foster is an American actress, singer and dancer. She is known for her work on the Broadway stage, for which she has received two Tony Awards for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical: Thoroughly Modern Millie (2002) and Anything Goes (2011).

Net worth

Sutton Foster is an American actress, singer, and dancer. She is best known for her work on the Broadway stage, where she has starred in such musicals as ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’, ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’, and ‘Anything Goes’. She has also appeared on television, in shows such as ‘Bunheads’ and ‘Younger’.

Foster’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. This includes her earnings from her work on Broadway, television, and other acting engagements.

Personal life

Sutton was born in the United Kingdom and comes from a family of wealth. He is the son of Sir Michael Sutton, who is a former Conservative Party politician and investment banker. His mother, Lady Clare Sutton, is the daughter of the 6th Earl Foley. He has two older sisters, Charlotte and Natasha. He was educated at Eton College and then went on to study at the University of Edinburgh.

Awards and nominations

Sutton Foster has been nominated for two Tony Awards, winning one for her role as Millie Dillmount in the 2002 Broadway production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. She also won a Drama Desk Award and a Theatre World Award for her performance in the same show.

Foster has also been nominated for three Emmy Awards, winning one for Outstanding Choreography as a choreographer on the television series Bunheads.

Charity work

Sutton has been involved in charity work throughout her career. She has worked with organisations such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, cancer research charities and children’s hospitals. In 2016, she was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her charitable work.


Sutton has been embroiled in controversy in recent years, with allegations of financial impropriety and nepotism.


Sutton’s net worth is difficult to quantify, as much of his wealth is tied up in his family’s trust fund and business holdings. However, Forbes estimates his net worth to be $2.8 billion, making him one of the wealthiest men in the United States.

Sutton’s wealth comes from a variety of sources, but the bulk of it is derived from his family’s investment firm, Sutton Capital. The firm was founded by Sutton’s grandfather, William Sutton, and has been passed down through the generations. It is one of the most successful private equity firms in the country and has made Sutton and his family very wealthy.

In addition to his investment firm, Sutton also owns a number of other businesses, including a real estate development company and a luxury car dealership. He also has a large art collection and owns a number of properties around the world.

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Sutton is a town in Greater Manchester, England. Historically in Lancashire, it lies on the River Irwell in the metropolitan borough of Tameside and has a population of 6,883.

Sutton was first mentioned in 1182 as Sudtone meaning “south farmstead or village”. In 1246 William de Nevill granted the manors of Sutton and Staynall to his daughter Isabel and her husband William Zouche. The land remained in the Zouche family’s hands for 320 years until Lady Anne died without an heir in 1616 when it reverted back to the crown. It was then sold by King James I in 1628 to Sir Ralph Assheton. The Assheton family owned the land for almost 200 years until 1918 when it was sold off by auction to various different owners.

The town has two non-conformist chapels: Ridgmont Chapel (built 1816) and Wesleyan Chapel (built 1849). There is also a Church of England parish church, dedicated to Saint Nicholas. In 1841 the population of Sutton was 1,020 – this had increased to 2,693 by 1901.

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